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52 Hertz is an environmental podcast hosted by Petrice Jones, an eco-activist, actor, and co-founder of social enterprise The One Movement.

The 12-episode first season showcases the work of diverse individuals who are reshaping what it means to be an environmentlist.  Twice a week, listeners heard from the unique voices working on behalf of the ocean. This included entrepreneurs, environmental activists, and youth leaders who disrupt their industries, challenge the status quo, and go against the current—all to rethink our approach to plastics and environmentalism on a global scale.


  • Adrian Grenier, Co-Founder of Lonely Whale
  • Wanjiku “Wawa” Gatheru, Environmental Justice Advocate
  • Steff McDermot, Founder of Sail for Climate Action
  • Dyson Chee, Founder Project OCEAN Hawaii 
  • Julie Christeas, Sustainable Film Producer
  • Kelsey Halling, Head of Partnerships at First Mile
  • Jane Abernathy, Chief of Sustainability at Human Ventures
  • Gabe Wing, Director of Sustainability at Herman Miller
  • Tanner Watt, Director of Partnerships at Reverb
  • Adam Gardner, Guster guitarist and Co-Founder of Reverb
  • Stefan Bergeran, Senior Product Compliance at Trek 
  • Jesse Garrison, Senior Mechanical Engineer at Trek
  • Melati Wijsen, Founder of Bye Bye Plastic Bags
  • Zanagee Artis, Co-Founder of Zero Hour
  • Pattie Gonia/Wyn Wiley, Drag Queen Environmentalist

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