Sea Signs with Aurelia Durand

For non-profit Lonely Whale’s monthly ocean-themed horoscopes, I commissioned artist Aurelia Durand to create a series of 12 illustrations that connected astrology and the ocean to inspire action.

Leo Sea Sign: As a Leo, you might like your cat naps, but we know you’re too noble to sleep in the face of environmental injustice. The spirit of the lion roars inside of you. The world needs more people with your courage and compassion, your integrity and your idealism, Leo. So lean into your power and ask hard questions of yourself and others.”

“We must protect our oceans. I have illustrated a series of sea signs for Lonely Whale an NGO based in the US which protect the oceans. Many things are happening in the world. It’s overwhelming, I know I feel the same. But we can’t go back to our daily life and pretend our planet is doing well. We must protect our environment. The pressure is on us, we don’t have so much time ahead of us.
You don’t have to change everything in your daily life but if you do one thing it is already something.

I tried to convince my parents to eat less meat and stop driving with their cars, but they won’t listen. We have too much arguments and don’t understand each other’s opinion. I give up on my parents generation, but I don’t give up on my generation and the new ones coming up. We can make a change, we are young and we have the energy and we can adapt easier. I believe we can put pressure. There are so many beautiful things in our planet that are dying. The summers are getting warmer and warmer. And maybe in 2050 some places won’t be habitable because the temperatures will reach 50 degrees.

We are capable to change our life styles when we are directly threatened, but the scientists are sending warning messages which need to be taken seriously.
Can you make a change by your side? And what would it be?” - Aurelia Durand

Images copyright Aurelia Durand.

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