Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize

There are more than 5 trillion plastic pieces in the world's ocean, and every year, an estimated 11 million tons of plastic waste is added. In an effort to battle this statistic and promote ocean health, Tom Ford is releasing a timepiece made from 100% ocean plastic.

Every Tom Ford Ocean Plastic Timepiece purchased permanently removes the equivalent of 35 bottles of plastic waste from the ocean, with all packaging being recyclable.

Alongside the launch, Tom Ford has also entered into a partnership with 52HZ, an advisory service from the ocean conservation organization Lonely Whale, to create The Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize. The prize aims to accelerate meaningful innovation around a replacement for thin-film plastic and steer the global community toward a historic turning point in the fight against plastic pollution, the brand said.

Submissions to the prize will be vetted and stress-tested to ensure that they have a positive impact on the environment, and that they are scalable and market-ready by 2025. A total of $1 million in prize funds will be awarded based on the decisions of a panel of industry-leading judges.

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