Creative Producer
(Issue No. 1 & 2)

Creative Direction, Production, Project Management 
OH-Wake Magazine is a youth-led publication written for and by youth activists fighting today’s climate emergency. Young leaders are paving the way for the environmental movement. They’re marching in the streets, passing legislation, demanding action and telling their stories. OH-Wake Magazine was created in partnership with HP to make the voices of young leaders heard. It’s a resource for kids everywhere looking for community, for inspiration, and for more information about how they can become Ocean Heroes themselves.

Issue No. 1: Let’s Talk About Ocean Plastic

In Let’s Talk About Ocean Plastic, the inaugural issue of OH-WAKE, our Ocean Heroes editors communicate the urgency of the plastic pollution crisis through the power of storytelling and artivism; their optimism, determination and wisdom are the heart of this issue. 

Issue No. 2 – The Answers Are Written in Nature

Ocean Heroes flip the conservationist script by focusing on solutions for climate action; they don’t blame or shame, they include and support. Anchored by its central themes of empathy and understanding equity, OH-WAKE No. 2 centers land-based solutions to the climate crisis through the lived experiences of our Ocean Heroes editors, and other stories from around the world.

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